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CUSTOM DUCTS Aircraft Ducting

CUSTOM DUCTS is a flexible ducting product line designed specifically for the aerospace | aviation industries. CUSTOM DUCTS wire-supported ducting comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, providing the highest quality ducting in the industry. CUSTOM DUCTS aircraft ducting is manufactured with fiberglass fabrics, impregnated with silicone rubber compounds developed for the demanding flame resistance and high temperature applications unique to aviation.

CUSTOM DUCTS technical experts design and produce custom-built products to meet virtually any aviation requirements for temperature, pressure, flexibility and leakage. Our engineering and production staff are well-known for many innovations in advanced aviation ducting products developed to meet precise, close tolerances and high-performance quality standards.

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SCAT Ducting

Single Wall

SCAT ducting is recommended for use in conducting extremely cold or hot air where temperatures range from -65°F to +550°F. It is lightweight and extremely flexible. This ducting minimizes waste because short sections which are normally unusable can be screwed together to form a continuous length. It is not recommended for negative pressure applications.

Scat Single Wall Aircraft Ducting

Fiberglass reinforced silicone on each end of the ducting

SCEET Ducting

Double Wall

SCEET ducting is ideal for use in conducting extremely cold or hot air at temperatures ranging from -80°F to +550°F, and for conveying fumes. This ducting is highly flexible and can be easily installed around obstructions and sharp bends. It has less air-friction loss than similar non-lined ducting. SCEET ducting is not recommended for applications involving liquids or highly abrasive materials. It is not recommended for negative pressure applications.

Sceet Double Wall Aircraft Ducting

Fiberglass reinforced silicone on each end of the ducting

Aeroduct Ducting

Venair Datasheet

Custom Ducts provides ducting with or without ends to the length you want!!

Scat and Sceet ducting are available in several configurations:


    • No End Treatment
    • Silicone Ends (Both)
    • Silicone + 1 Beaded End
    • Silicone + 2 Beaded Ends
    • Silicone + 1 Oversize End
    • Silicone + 2 Oversize Ends

Beaded End

A beaded end would go over a flange that has a bead on it or a lipped flange which has a lipped edge.

Additional Ducting Available:


  • HBD/Thermoid
  • ITT Aerospace
  • Venair ducting

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Aircraft Ducting

Most Aircraft homebuilders are familiar with SCAT ducting, usually just called SCAT but sometimes incorrectly called SCAT tubing. SCAT is made from a single layer of red silicone-impregnated fiberglass. To keep the thin fiberglass material from collapsing, a spiral of high carbon steel wire is wound inside the duct. To keep the fiberglass in place on the wire, a string is wrapped around the ducting on the outside in the “valleys” between the wire ridges.  If SCAT is used in an environment where moisture can get to the wire spiral, eventually the wire will rust. For that reason, you never want to use single-wall ducting for any engine induction system.

Engines have been damaged by rusted bits of SCAT wire getting into a cylinder! SCAT ducting can handle almost any temperature found on a typical homebuilt, except direct contact with an exhaust pipe.  To move air in places where moisture may be present, use the double-walled ducting called SCEET for high-temperature use. An inner wall of silicone-impregnated fiberglass keeps water off the steel wire and provides additional strength to the ducting. Even though it costs a bit more, SCEET lasts a lot longer in service and is actually a better buy than SCAT for most applications.

High Temperature Silicone Aircraft Quality Ducting

Silicone is a synthetic compound with low amounts of thermal conductivity, chemical reactivity and toxicity. In its basic definition, silicone is an elastomer like rubber that is blended with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. This gives silicone ducting a high degree of chemical and thermal resistance. These resistant properties make silicone ducting perfect for a variety of ducting applications that involve the transferring of high temperature air and fumes. Custom Ducts offer selection of Aircraft quality silicone ducting to meet the demands of high temperature applications.

Our high temperature silicone ducting products are made by combining fiberglass into silicone to provide the ducting with both flexibility and high-temperature resistance. Our silicone ducting products feature excellent temperature ranges with hoses capable of operating as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Auto Racing Brake Cooling Scat Ducting

Silicone Rubber Aircraft Scat Ducting is popular for brake cooling ducts due to its high temperature capability (maximum 550° F continuous / 500° F intermittent). Lower-temperature applications can also use Custom Ducts single and double wall aircraft Scat and Sceet ducting.

This hose is extremely flexible and pliable, but a bronze coated spring-steel wire support helix prevents it from collapsing. The fiberglass fabric cover and fiberglass cord are both impregnated and coated with silicone rubber. Lengths can be screwed together to form a continuous length if you’ve got leftovers around. Red-orange color only. This silicone ducting is not made in any other color.

Silicone Aircraft SCAT Ducting
Nominal ID 1.5 Inch 2 Inch 2.5 Inch 3 Inch 3.5 Inch 4 Inch 4.5 Inch 5 Inch 5.5 Inch
Pressure Rating* 18 psi 15 psi 14 psi 13 psi 12.5 psi 12 psi 11 psi 10 psi 9.5 psi
Vacuum Rating* 18 in Hg 14 in Hg 12.5 in Hg 11 in Hg 10 in Hg 10 in Hg 8.5 in Hg 7.5 in Hg 6 in Hg
Centerline Bend Radius 1.2" 1.72" 2.15" 2.55" 3.1" 3.6" 4.15" 4.6" 5.2"

* Pressure and vacuum ratings are all for straight lengths of hose at 72° F. Temp range -65° F to +450° F.

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