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5.00 inch Diameter ITT Sceet Duct Sceet-20


5.00 inch Diameter ITT Sceet Duct

Scat and Sceet ducting are available in several configurations:

    • No End Treatment
    • Silicone Ends (Both)
    • Silicone + 1 Beaded End
    • Silicone + 2 Beaded Ends
    • Silicone + 1 Oversize End
    • Silicone + 2 Oversize End
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THERE IS FINALLY A BETTER WAY! We use the best available silicone ducting and vulcanize two .020 layers (or doublers) of fiberglass reinforced silicone on each end of the ducting. The outer doubler extends 1.5 inches back from the end, and the inner doubler (Scat only) approximately 1 inch. Both the inner support wire and the outer support string are encased between the doublers, greatly reducing the possibilities of unraveling. Ducts are fabricated to the nearest 1/2 inch, and priced individually by size and length. Shorter outer doubler lengths are available for special applications.

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4"-12", 13"-24", 25"-36", 37"-48", 49"-60", 61"-72", 73"-84", 85"-96", 97"-108", 109"-120", 121"-132", 133"-144"

End Options

No End Treatment, Silicone Ends, One Beaded End / Silicone End, Both Beaded Ends, One Oversize / Silicone End, Both Oversize Ends